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Feathers and Fur

Feathers & Fur Magazine was launched in February 1995 and is the complete quarterly magazine for Australia’s field shotgunners. It is the official journal of Field & Game Australia.

Feathers & Fur Magazine is aimed at the die-hard and novice waterfowl, gamebird and feral animal hunter who goes into the field with a shotgun. With exceptional tips and pointers, Feathers & Fur Magazine is a much needed resource for experts and beginners alike.

Simulated Field clay target shooting, conservation and political issues and of course, much loved gundogs, are the other items covered by the magazine and its staff.

Published in February, May, August and November, Feathers & Fur Magazine delivers four action-packed issues that include all the how-to, where-to and best-gear stories.

Feathers & Fur Magazine is written, photographed and illustrated by dedicated hunters whose love and knowledge of the sport are unsurpassed. Feathers & Fur Magazine provides action and information for dedicated, active hunters and shooters who enjoy the feel and balance of a shotgun in their hands!


What's your favorite off-season waterfowling activity?

Practice your calling
Dog training
Clay targets
Repairing your gear
Conservation; nest boxes, wetland work